We Can Fix Your NUVO MPS4

Has your NuVo NV-MPS4 failed? We can repair your NuVo MPS4 music server, replacing your old power supply with a new UL Listed power supply and adding a new 256gb SSD, these are the items that typically fail in these units. You can store over 40,000 songs on a 256gb SSD. We will also add RAM, doubling what you had. We will transfer your license/settings files and your music, if the hard drive is still intact.

We have serviced over 100 of these units.

Cost is $295


How it works:

- Contact us ( NuvoRefurb@gmail.com) and let us know what you have. If you don't see a quick response, please check your spam folder.

- We will provide shipping address and contact info

- Send the unit to us

- If the hard drive has not completely failed, we will transfer your music and settings to the SSD. 

Note: We replace the power supply and the hard drive on EVERY unit.

- If you have a Version 1, we will add 1gb RAM. Version 2s we'll add 2gb

- We ship your unit back to you, usually the same day!

All of your software is fully licensed and tested

NOTE: We replace the 2 components that fail most often (Power Supply/Hard Drive). After repairing over 100 of these, we have found about 10% have a bad NUVO proprietary sound card or motherboard. These can be replaced for an additional charge, if we have one available. If we can't fix it, we will not charge you.

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